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Our Salads

Full Selection available upon request

Classic Caesar Salad

With polenta croutons and Asiago cheese

Mache, Arugula and Romaine

Goat cheese, pancetta, Rosemary Roasted beets and Champagne vinaigrette

Steak House Salad

Bibb lettuce, Maytag Bleu Cheese dressing, Bacon, mushrooms, tomato and foccacia croutons

Winter Greens

Mesclum salad with dried cranberries, honey glazed Pecan, winter pears and

Raspberry vinaigrette

Spinach Salad

Young spinach leaves, feta cheese, Avocado, Cilantro, Baby Shrimp, Cherry Tomato

Napoleon of Heirloom Tomato

And Fresh Mozzarella, Basil Oil and Tapenade Dressing, Basil Oil


Full Selection available upon request

Bay Scallops Ceviche & Oyster

Grapefruit and Orange segment, Winter Point Oysters & American Caviar

Tuna Tartare Duo

Seared Bluefin Tuna and Ahi Tartare with Meyer Lemon Ponzu, Orange Wasabi, Crispy Flakes, Chinese BBQ sauce

Jumbo Lump Crab

Crab Meat with Basil, Mint and Cilantro dressing, Avocado Salad, Lime-mint Crème Fraîche, Micro greens

Pan seared Frog Legs

Potato Gnocchi, Watercress, Sweet Garlic, Comfit Meyer Lemon

Sautéed Snail

Cream of Roasted Garlic, Parsley Oil, Micro Greens, Toasted Baguette

Duck comfit Ravioli

With Sage Brown butter, Brussels Sprouts, Forest Mushrooms, Comfit Cherry Tomato

Pan Seared Scallops

White Truffle Mushrooms Sauce, Mushroom & Regianno Risotto, Baby Arugula, Basil oil

Salmon Tartar and Scallops Carpaccio

Marinated Scallops Carpaccio with Fresh Herbs & Virgin Olive Oil, Grapefruit segment Vanilla infused Oil

Ahi Tuna Sashimi

Basil Oil, Avocado Guacamole, Tobiko Caviar

Pan Seared Scallops

Pancetta and Basil Pesto Risotto, Basil Oil Micro Arugula

Pan-Seared Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

Corn and Fava Beans casserole with Cumin

Thin Crust Tomato& Zucchini Tart

Quenelle of Tuna & Black Olives, Proscuitto Rosace

Potato Goat Cheese Cake

Wrapped With Pancetta, Frisee Salad, Truffle Oil


Fleur de Lys Catering proudly uses only the freshest ingredients and farm-fresh seasonal produce to create its ever changing seasonal menus.

Classically trained in French traditional technique, Fleur de Lys Catering's chef and staff have an outstanding reputation for their creativity, exceptional cuisine and attention to details. To maximize our culinary resources, we only host one event a day. We are always happy to meet with you to discuss every aspect of your event. Contact us now for your occasion.

Fleur De Lys Catering welcomes discussing alternative menus in order to provide a truly personalized event. Entrees include Chef's selection of seasonal vegetables, French bread and butter.

Hosted bars require 1 bartender per 100 guests. Pennsylvania law prevents any caterer, regardless of whether or not they hold a liquor license, from purchasing and selling liquor for off-premise consumption, but we will be happy to assist you with the quantity and where to purchase specific wine and liquor.